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BST Performance Lab

Performance Testing

Our elite testing lab can produce exact results that will allow us to pinpoint your training needs to chase down your goals.

*Initial Testing Package $325

Testing sessions are booked through our online portal. Each session is scheduled for two hours with 2-3 athletes per session. All testing sessions are held at Benson Sports Training located at 4020 Jackson Blvd. Rapid City, South Dakota

If you’re unable to make an in-person testing session due to schedule or travel reasons, we can perform the same analysis by our staff at your location or via a remote training session performed by you following specific instructions and uploading your run data from a smart-watch.

*Group and team testing options and rates are available.

Contact us at if you are interested in remote testing or group/team testing.

Follow-Up Testing

We recommend ongoing testing every 2-3 months to monitor how your body is responding to training. Follow-up testing sessions allow us to confirm your training is having the desired impact on your performance.

*Follow Up Testing $225

How Does Testing Work?

Our testing procedure is designed to scientifically determine how your body responds to different types of performance demands.

Athletes will begin by doing a short (5-10min) warm-up & stretching. Before testing begins, the coaching staff will review and confirm the athlete-supplied data such as age, height, and weight to confirm that the equipment and tools are properly calibrated for accurate analysis.

To complete the test, athletes will be asked to perform a series of treadmill runs with scheduled periods of rest. Coaches will direct athletes regarding the required duration, prescribed effort and/or pace.

During these run/rest periods, coaches will be collecting single blood drop samples at pre-determined intervals via a simple prick of the earlobe. This sampling procedure allows us to determine how your body is reacting to and recovering from various levels of physical demand and rest.
Sampling data is recorded during the test and then uploaded to our analysis engine for immediate processing.

Following the completion of your testing, coaches will meet with you to review the results, discuss your overall goals, and identify the type of training required to continue progressing toward your goals.

What will the testing reveal?

Our analysis is detailed and expansive, outlining multiple data points that will inform how you train and how your body is reacting to various demands. We’ll share all of the details with you, but there are three primary metrics that hold the keys to your ability to perform.

Our Testing Metrics


Testing your VO2 Max is an opportunity to identify the aerobic capacity and function of your heart and lungs. Knowing this value is critical to building effective training plans for runners of all distances. Knowing your capacity will provide information to ensure that you are training at all of the correct paces for each of your workouts. Additionally, a performance coach can also identify which areas of your training plan can be adjusted to optimize your individual needs.

Lactate Threshold

Testing your blood lactate at sub-maximal effort is the most effective way to determine how your body is using aerobic and anaerobic energy to allow you to train and race. Identifying the amount of lactate in your blood at various paces will allow us to see if you are more aerobically or anaerobically fit. Many athletes train together in groups, but they may have different chemical reactions to the training in their bodies. Having this crucial information can allow you to make adjustments as needed to ensure that you are getting the most out of your hard work in training.


This test is critical to find out how much anaerobic energy you can produce at a maximum effort anywhere from 10 seconds to 3 minutes. Identifying your max anaerobic output can allow us to see if your anaerobic system is too powerful or not powerful enough to help you accomplish your goals as a runner in your desired events. New science has discovered that identifying and adjusting the VLa Max of a runner may be of even higher importance than focusing solely on improving VO2 Max. We are one of the only performance clinics in the US to offer this specific test to enhance performance.

BST Performance Lab powered by XLR8 also works with groups and teams at our facilities, remotely, and travels to on-site locations if necessary. Contact us at for details & pricing.

*Groups and Team Discount Rates Varies